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How To Improve Performance (Next Steps)

The ideal load time for both mobile and desktop websites is anywhere from 1-2 seconds, but improving performance is about more than just loading speed!While it’s important to keep your site optimized, as a developer, you also have to stay ahead of the curve!

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Using The Page Builder

Using The Page BuilderThe Page Builder is designed to help you build websites and funnels without having to write code. If you've ever hard-coded a website, you know that a lot of the setup can be tedious. Things change, they break, and it's just easier to use a...

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Using Pipelines

As mentioned in the Automations & Workflows lesson, a Pipeline is a system similar to a Kanban board that is used to assist users (agents) in maintaining leads in the system. You can see an overview of your Pipelines from the Dashboard.

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Inventory Management

If you’re in charge of inventory at your company, then you know how important it is to keep track of everything that comes in and goes out. Overselling is one of the worst things that can happen to a business, so having a good inventory management system in place is essential.

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Tracking & Follow-Up Automation

Increase Your Conversion Rates by 200% with Klaviyo. Use Klaviyo’s tracking and automations to learn more about your audience and the actions they take, such as an abandoned cart, throughout your e-commerce site. Improve customer retention and conversion rates with a single plug-in!

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Reputation Management

Reputation management is the process of monitoring, protecting, and improving your company’s or your own personal reputation. It’s important to have a good reputation so that customers will want to do business with you, and so that you can attract and retain the best employees!

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Gathering Data & Analytics

Gathering Data & AnalyticsIn this lesson, we'll be discussing how to gather data and analytics in order to improve your website. We'll cover topics such as data collection methods, analyzing data, and using data to make decisions. By the end of this post, you...

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Targeted Advertising

With the average person seeing between 4,000 and 10,000 ads in a single day, you need a way to “drill down” into your audience to reach the people who are the most interested in your products or services. For this, you need targeted advertisements.

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Celebrating Launch Day With a Free Trial

BIRMINGHAM, Alabama, October 17 — The time has come! After years of hard work, IMG Funnels is ready to launch! Do you want to learn how to convert leads online like a pro? Here at IMG Funnels, sometimes our internal tasks become so repetitive that we create guidelines...

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Case Study: Eng1ine Fitness & Nutrition The Challenge: What Our Client Needs Eng1ine Fitness (herein referred to as the “Client”) is a Fitness & Nutrition Facility located in Birmingham, AL.  The client is seeking to generate more leads from the Internet and improve their online...

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